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The Authors
Florian J. Kerz   studied acting and phonetics in Germany and the U.S.

He is the owner of the fjk-arts office that is focused on the spoken and written word in the performing and writing arts in Germany.

His interest in Sammy Davis, Jr. dates back to his childhood and ever since then, he has devoted his efforts to the “rediscovery” of Mr. Entertainment.

Ivar Halstvedt   has been a cinema executive in Norwegian market for 25 years, currently serving as the CEO of SF Kino Ltd.

His interest in show business in general, and in Sammy Davis, Jr. especially, began at the age of four.
During his lifetime he has built a large collection of Sammy Davis, Jr.’s work, memorabilia and other documentation of the artist.

He has previously published the book “How to build a modern cinema multiplex” (FILM&KINO, 2010)

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